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Our New Building - Regeneration coming soon...

New building

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This will take Rotorua to a whole new elite level in wellness and at the leading edge of the future growth of this sector (Rotorua 2030).
It will be nestled in the Scion Innovation Park (home of the New Zealand forestry industry) next to Rotorua's iconic Whakarewarewa Forest Park.

new site

  • With economic opportunities to expand into health tourism for private patients from New Zealand, French Polynesia, Australia and internationally
  •  All the same services we offer now and with room to expand and grow
  • To continue to be a research and training hub – for new practitioners as well as offering professional advancement for the existing team. Presently, 26 students per year intern at QE Health
  • A new world-leading building for a world-leading holistic approach to healthcare and wellness.
  • A healthy building - green, sustainable, economical, using wood, floating, iconic - luxurious and pragmatic
  • Harnessing and embracing primal energy and nature. Inspired by these forces and the whakapapa (or story) of our region and directly connected to the Whakarewarewa Forest, a Rotorua taonga (or treasure) and with the geothermal water, Rotorua is world famous for (and the same soothing chemical compositon as in our current building
  • An oasis that is protective, embracing and nurturing. A building that is timeless…with a respectful bridge to a distinguished past

Read more in the Rotorua Daily Post.
Interested in being a potential partner in this groundbreaking new development?
Contact: CEO's aaron.randell@qehealth.co.nz or elisabeth.jackson@qehealth.co.nz

Frequently Asked Questions – 17 May 2019 - Will be updated as and when more information becomes available

Where will we go in November if the site has not been completed?


Our focus is for all QE Health services to transition together to a new site when our current lease ends. We are still seeking an extension to the lease to give us more time.

We are seeking Provincial Growth Fund approval to proceed with a limited phase 1 building on the new site. The transition plan has provision to adjust the build configuration and/or length of time required in temporary buildings to complete the project if terms and conditions cannot be agreed on further funding.

As discussed at the staff meetings, we will need to be flexible in how we achieve this so that all services can move. Our plan for the Scion site has a mix of new building, utilising existing Scion buildings bordering the QE Health site and/or temporary buildings on the new site.


How much money is still needed to complete the build?


We have phased our build plans to allow us to adjust to the funding available.

The Board continues to work to secure funding on terms and conditions that will work for us. As this funding is secured, we are able to confirm our build plans. It’s about building what we can afford and then seeking further funds to build more phases. The first step is for the Provincial Growth Fund to release their funds to allow us to start.

Funding will be a mix of government funding, private funding and grant funding.


What happens if we don’t secure the funding?


If sufficient funding is not achieved, we will manage our transition to the new site within the funding we have available by phasing our build and having flexible accommodation approaches on the new site.


Why is there no IWI input and/or support, considering the high number of Te Arawa clients that utilise QE Health’s facilities?


We have been working for some time to develop QE Health’s cultural capability and to reflect this in our range of services. We have more to do on this and we need to continue to build our service relationships with local Iwi.

The new facility provides and increased opportunity to develop this in a genuine way that reflects our history, clients, staff and range of social and community

engagement. The new facility design incorporates local cultural art, stories and history.

Support from Te Komiti Nui o Ngāti Whakaue has been essential to QE Health securing the new site. Without their support the government wouldn’t have approved the land for QE Health use.

Other groups have been approached or have approached QE Health to enter into joint venture arrangements around the new build, however no agreement has been achieved yet. Negotiations are still continuing.


Once funding is secured for the SCION site, when can we start to build?


Consents have been submitted for the SCION site and are being processed by Rotorua Lakes Council. The design concept is completed. We have a construction company and other contractors ready to start.

Once funding is finalised, a decision to start can be made quickly and we are informed that the build team can be mobilised quickly.


Can we get a lease extension?


Unfortunately our requests for a lease extension have been declined by our landlord (Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Limited).

We are still hopeful that the landlord will allow a lease extension beyond November 2019, even for 6 months, as this will help our transition and the land is not needed by the landlord in that timeframe.


How will this effect client care geographically?


The intention is to co-locate services that depend on each other to minimise the impact on clients.

Our goal is to ensure that access between services is as good as we can make it by ensuring the QE Health campus is not too spread-out and is easily accessible for clients and staff.


Are we taking on new business?


Yes – currently re-signing and negotiating more contracts with current suppliers. We are also continuing to look at ways to build more business.


How do we manage Gym Clients 12 month memberships?


Gym clients will have the option to either continue with 6mth and 12mth memberships or they will have the option to go to a monthly membership

until we are on the new site and we will go back to the current membership structure.

If there is any disruption to the Gym service our members will be well notified and a solution provided.


Are we still issuing gift vouchers (which are valid for 12 months)?


Yes – Dollar value vouchers only, not vouchers for specific services.

Note: Clients need to be made very aware the services are moving at the end of the year and there may be some disruption to those services at that time.


What services are going to the new build?


Our intention has always been that all services move to the new site. Some services maybe in temporary buildings.

We need support from all staff for the move, there will be disruption and we need to all work together to manage this.


What does the QE Health Community Trust do?


The QE Health Community Trust owns QE Health limited (us and holds its shares on behalf of the Rotorua community).

Their purpose is to look after the best interests of QE Health and its staff. They are supportive of the Board and its direction for QE Health.

The Trust appoints directors to the QE Health Board, sets its expectations for the Company and oversees company performance.


Is there a QE Health staff member at the Trust Meetings?


No. There used to be a QE Health staff member on the Trust but this was changed in 2015. We know that staff still want a staff member on the Trust to represent their view and interests in QE Health. We are currently working with the Trust to get this ruling changed.


Does the Trust have any influence over the new build?


The Trust must sign off on major transactions by QE Health Limited. The Trust has delegated decisions about the new site and the build to QE Health Limited. We are keeping the Trust fully informed as we progress the new build and we respond to any issues, expectations and requirements that the Trust raises.