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Our New Building - Regeneration coming soon...

New building

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This will take Rotorua to a whole new elite level in wellness and at the leading edge of the future growth of this sector (Rotorua 2030).
It will be nestled in the Scion Innovation Park (home of the New Zealand forestry industry) next to Rotorua's iconic Whakarewarewa Forest Park.

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  • With economic opportunities to expand into health tourism for private patients from New Zealand, French Polynesia, Australia and internationally
  •  All the same services we offer now and with room to expand and grow
  • To continue to be a research and training hub – for new practitioners as well as offering professional advancement for the existing team. Presently, 26 students per year intern at QE Health
  • A new world-leading building for a world-leading holistic approach to healthcare and wellness.
  • A healthy building - green, sustainable, economical, using wood, floating, iconic - luxurious and pragmatic
  • Harnessing and embracing primal energy and nature. Inspired by these forces and the whakapapa (or story) of our region and directly connected to the Whakarewarewa Forest, a Rotorua taonga (or treasure) and with the geothermal water, Rotorua is world famous for (and the same soothing chemical compositon as in our current building
  • An oasis that is protective, embracing and nurturing. A building that is timeless…with a respectful bridge to a distinguished past 
  • A five star building for what is already a five star service.”
    Andrina Romano. QE Health CEO.

Read more in the Rotorua Daily Post.
Interested in being a potential partner in this groundbreaking new development?
Contact: andrina.romano@qehealth.co.nz (CEO) or aaron.randell@qehealth.co.nz (Performance Director)