Wellness for every body

Holistic Health & Wellness has long been established as one of the major segments in population health.


QE Health has always been at the forefront of health & wellness.
Established in 1942, QE Health Rotorua is known world wide for rehabilitation and recovery.


Embracing its natural geothermal surroundings Rotorua is perfectly positioned to benefit from thermal water, thermal mud, thermal steam and all the therapeutic benefits its geographical position provides.


Over 75 years QE Health is proud to have provided millions of separate therapeutic treatments to its international and domestic clients.
The Past

The rise in popularity of complementary health saw us provide in excess of 97,665 separate therapies in 2015, alone.
The Present


It’s now time for us to continue to develop and exceed our client’s expectations. 

The next step has already been taken and we are excited. It’s going to take 2 years and a $20 million dollar world-class building.
The Future

Once it’s done the Rotorua QE Health & Wellness Centre will be the pinnacle of therapeutic services in the world.