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Psychology & Counselling

In sport, they often say that it’s the top 15 centimetres or 6 inches that makes the difference.

It’s the same with good health. That space between your ears can have a major affect on your overall wellbeing.

QE Health is all about that – wellness, physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Mind, body and spirit.


In partnership with Rotorua Area Primary Health Services (RAPHS), we offer Health Psychology, Counselling and Social Work Services for Patients with a Long Term Condition.

This includes group counselling, individual counselling and health psychology services in partnership with RAPHS. These services are offered at no cost to patients referred and accepted into the service.


  1. Clients with a long term/chronic health condition. 
  2. Must be enrolled in the RAPHS LINC programme. 
  3. Clients will be experiencing some level of psychological distress as a result of their chronic health condition. 
  4. Non-ACC related. 

Referral Process
The entry point is through referral to RAPHS ECST and a triage process undertaken by the Health Psychologist and ECST will provide access to the most appropriate service.


QE Health's psychologist and counsellor are a very big part of our holistic approach to good health. They are here to listen in a safe and secure space where you can talk about anything – anything – that is troubling you.


"Holistically working with people to fully define their life meaning and values so that they can apply these to actions, which give them the greatest benefit out of life. I practice in a way that treats a person as a person rather than just as a client (finding that close friend I never knew I had).

Wayne Hewlett, Psychologist, QE Health.


Maintaining holistic health means a constant reflection on your path and how your ‘balance’ may need to be adjusted to take account of shifting needs as you progress in life.

Psychology and Counselling therapists at QE Health use a range of evidence-based modalities within QE’s holistic context for helping people understand and cope with difficulties. This holistic approach is consistent with culturally sensitive practice.


QE Health’s psychology and counselling practitioners are experienced in working with a range of psychological problems as well as with chronic pain and disability.

Therapists work within all programmes at QE and also provide services to private clients for a range of personal issues (depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief).

Private consultation is available for $140/session.

We are part of a world leading residential rehabilitation facility and wellness centre, with a range of healthcare services and professionals all working together.
We are open to the general public by referral or privately.


We accept most major credit cards and:

Q card Farmers


Enquiries and referrals to:

Psychology Department QE Health
1073 Whakaue Street,
PO Box 1342,
Rotorua 3040

P: 07 348 0189 extension 863
Fax: 07 349 5252
E: infoline@qehealth.co.nz