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QE Health is a very significant and central part of the ‘Rotorua Story’.

With a direct line of sight back to the arrival of Te Arawa, 700 years ago, finding abundant flora and fauna…and healing, soothing, warming thermal waters.

• The principles of sharing, protecting and nurturing run deep in the history of the region - Hatu Patu sheltering in his rock; Ngāti Rangiwewehi chieftainess, Te Ao Kapurangi, protecting her people; the Tūhourangi iwi being welcomed by the people of Whakarewarewa after the catastrophic Mount Tarawera eruption 130 years ago…and more.



(Photo: Wai-o-tapu).

• The 1895 edition of Chambers Encyclopaedia mentions a “well-appointed sanatorium is carried on at Rotorua by the government for the healing of the people of the Australian colonies, and is much frequented.”

• The Bathhouse opens in 1908 in Government Gardens offering ‘balneotherapy’ or spa therapies. ww11


• In 1942, the Convalescent Hospital opens - for soldiers returning from the battlefields of WWII. Rotorua, in New Zealand’s appropriately named Bay of Plenty, is an ideal location, a sanctuary set among lakes, forests and with that long, long history of spa therapy. Along with these treatments, medical personnel physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together - not only to heal, but also to help ease the servicemen back into civilian life.

• The holistic approach is sustained after the war - treating patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and allied complaints. The name changes to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (after the mother of the current monarch).