Wellness for every body
Wellness for Cancer

Massage ½ hour:

Relaxation  - $69
Reflexology -  $79

Cosmetic Treatments:

Sabore Organic Radiance Facial - $79/30 mins
Manicure - $59/60 mins
Pedicure - $69/60 mins

Talk to us about choosing a massage and any two treatments from cosmetic.


Aix massage - $79
Mud packs - $50
Indian head massage - $69
Hand or foot wax - $25 

Hands and feet wax - $45

Plus a full range of products from Sabore

Mineral make-up

Organic, full of nutrients

Specifically designed and formulated

All made in New Zealand

ALSO AVAILABLE as part of wellness for cancer:

Manual Lymphatic drainage     $79.00
Hydrotherapy pool                Concession card 10 sessions for $45

Experienced Trainers in QE Health Gym    1-2-1 Sessions 3 x 1hr sessions ($99)

Gym memberships                    3 months ($125); 6 months ($199)


And give the gift of touch, the gift of love to someone undergoing treatment
or recuperating - or their caregivers. There are vouchers available.