Wellness for every body

A new building in 2020:

• Taking Rotorua to a whole new elite level in wellness and at the leading edge of the future growth of this sector (Rotorua 2030).


• Economic opportunities to expand into health tourism for private patients from New Zealand, French Polynesia, Australia and internationally.


• A new world-leading building for a world-leading holistic approach to healthcare and wellness.


• A healthy building - green, sustainable, economical, using wood, floating, iconic - luxurious and pragmatic.


• Harnessing and embracing primal energy and nature. Inspired by these forces and the whakapapa of our region.

• An oasis that is protective, embracing and nurturing.


• A building that is timeless…with a respectful bridge to a distinguished past.


“A five star building for what is already a five star service.” 
 Andrina Romano. QE Health CEO.