Wellness for every body

QE Health FITNESS Classes

Bringing fun to fitness:

  • Yoga  - with Anuja Sharma.
    Improve strength, flexibility and breathing and boost physical and mental well being. 
  • Pilates  - with Ann Mitchell - part of our Physiotherapy team.
    Improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. 
  • Dance - joining us in 2017 is Greydis Montero Liranza, she is a professional dancer, choreographer, judge and highly accredited international Dance instructor. Greydis brings a unique Cuban flavoured dance and fitness experience. Teaching a range of classes in our Recreation Hall including a variety of Dancing and Latin style Fitness classes as well as Aqua body movement in our Hydrotherapy Pool. Fun dance and fitness exercise suitable for everyone.
  • Running Clinics - with a Master’s Degree of Kinesiology in Education and Sports, Tina Šolja has coached more than 1000 runners and recreational sportsmen over the last six years. Tina has  finished 10 half-marathons in Europe and New Zealand and is currently preparing for her first marathon.
    Learn from a professional on how to walk, jog and run with structured programming and learn all the techniques to become more efficient in all walking to running practices. 
  • Nordic Walking - with Christine Church, one of our experienced, highly-qualified gym instructors.
    Total body workout walks enjoyed by everyone and for everyone, performed with specially designed walking poles which we will supply.
  • QE Pass - $125 for 10 of any of these classes (excludes Greydis Premium) or casual rate of $15/class.



Enquiries about all our classes:

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